Top 5 Places To See In Agnes Waters and 1770


Time flies when you are having fun! We had an absolute blast in Queensland and the coast so far really has delvered. As a travelling family we are so happy we made the small jump to pack up and travel around Australia. We have seen so many amazing places and our family has built stronger family connections. We felt we have adapted well to our new way of living and in conclusion has been a journey for us all.

If you are travelling in the Gladstone area then you should consider detouring to visit the lovely quaint coastal town of Agnes Waters. The main town is called Agnes Waters and there is a smaller town called seventeen-seventy also known as 1770. This smaller town is the second landing place of Captain James Cook which is why it is named after the year of landing. The sunsets will blow your mind and you can camp just walking distance to the beach. If the beach isn’t your thing then you can camp at the 1770 Southern Cross Travellers Retreat which is where we decided to camp and have no regrets.

We chose 1770 Southern Cross Travellers Retreat because of the price and the reviews. It exceeded our expectations and really delivered on everything they offered. This was relaxing for us as parents, yet exciting and fun for the kids. The local resident Strawberry (a horse) was an absolute delight and was very friendly, just to let you know she loves vegetables. When it got hot we headed to the pool which is also onsite or the kids jumped into the lake (pictured below)

1770 Southern Cross Travellers Retreat with Strawberry the horse

1/ 1770 Headland and Lookout

When we tell our kids we are going exploring, this usually means we are going to a lookout, going for a walk or even a four wheel drive through the bush. Our kiddos were happy to see that the walk to the 1770 headland lookout was short and easy. The walk is well worth the small car ride to the tip of 1770. It is pathed walk and is pram friendly, as you can see it is absolutely worth it! We took this walk as a family with our children who were 9,7 and 6 at the time and they walked it with ease. Below in the picture is the small easier lookout.

If you want a little more adventure then you can continue further up the coastal area and see another lookout. Keep in mind this is a lot steeper and has stairs so it might not be as pram friendly as the lower lookout. Looking at life from another perspective is always worth the effort, yes we love lookouts. On this particular day we bribed our kids to walk to the top, yep we bribed them with a lemonade at the local cafe. The choice is yours and our kids loved the lemonade and we loved the walk……another memory that will be banked for them to share with their children.

2/ 1770 Beach and SUP Hire

Our kiddo’s love the water, they could spend all day at the beach if they could. Here at the 1770 beach we hired a stand up paddle board. These things are great fun, even if you have no experience because after a few practice tries you keep getting better. Our advice is hire the larger boards as they are easier to use and you can keep your balance better, plus standing on your knees makes it much easier to keep your balance. Dan and I took turns at taking all three kids on the board and we paddled over to the parallel island. You can usually find the trailer of SUP’s on the side of the road, Dave the owner is a Canadian guy who has a great story about his travels as well. Just ask him!

3/ Lady Musgrave Tours

If you are looking for a tour while you are hear then I suggest the Lady Musgrave Tour. The tours are popular so you might want to book in advance or you can just wing it like we did. The tour is great and you snorkelling is amazing. We went on a clear blue day and it had been like that for many days before. So the water was settled and the visibility was great! Our kids loved it, even though only one child went snorkelling but overall they enjoyed the tour.

4/ Captain Cook Monument

Travelling Australia has been the best classroom for our three children and even as adults we have learnt so much as well. Each of our children are enrolled in distance education which we do everyday but there history lesson is travelling around Australia. Here in Agnes Waters and 1770 is a lot of history and if you travel down Captain Cook Drive you will find many places to stop, engage and learn about the history of Captain Cook. Learning is so much more interesting when you are exploring as well.

5/ Fishing

‘Let’s flick a line out’ is what our youngest always says. Our youngest has a real outback lingo that shows he has never been to school. He has picked up some real aussie slang as we have travelled around Australia. He’s a chatterbox and will tell you about all sorts of things only travellers can relate to.

Together as a family we love to go fishing, the kids put on their BCF Fishing shirts and we all head out to find the best fishing spots. When in Agnes Waters you can head to Round Hill Creek for some creek fishing (the kids won’t get snagged here) or to Wreck Rock for some rock fishing, I have to say the kiddo’s did get snagged here and it was a short lived fishing experience (trust me after 3 new lines both Dan and I were done) Both of those points offer some great options for some great catches. Let’s just say we finished the day with fish taco’s……YUM!

We really could have stayed for an extra few weeks and soaked up the beachy coastal life in Agnes Waters and 1770. But there is so much to see around Australia and we want to try and see it all so off we went onto our next place of exploration and adventures. We highly recommend Agnes Waters and 1770. As always if you have any additional points of interest about Agnes Waters or 1770 that you would like to share with everyone please leave them in the comments below. We love hearing about your adVANtures!!!!

Kylie and Dan

Fearless and Free Range