Best Things To Do In Mataranka

Let me just start by saying that Matakanka is bloody magical…….

We were absolutely naive and knew nothing about Mataranka before travelling Australia. This small town has so much life to give that I cannot believe that some travellers pass right through it without stopping.

I do not want that for you, so I have made a list of places to go and see while spending a few days here in Mataranka.

Bitter Springs

Float away downstream and admire the beautiful natural scenery that surrounds you. I have never seen anything so stunning. The water is crystal clear, the fauna is like a tropical paradise and the water is never too cold and never too hot.

The best part is that you come out clean. Not salty and sandy like the beach and not filled with chlorine from the pools. Just squeaky clean and refreshed.

Bitter Springs

Nathan ‘Whippy’ Griggs

Who? My Whippy holds the guinness world record for the number of whip cracks done in one minute. During the months of June-September Nathan has a show that will blow you away and make you laugh. Think numerous whips, crude humour, fire and it’s all for a donation which is also optional. You cannot go through Mataranka without stopping by and seeing the show at the Mataranka Homestead.

Nathan’ Whippy’ Griggs show at Mataranka Homestead

Little Roper Stockcamp- Accommodation for families

Little Roper Stockcamp is the only place you will want to stay if you have children. This place is worth its weight in gold! We spent 4 days here and did not want to leave. The camp is filled with animals, reptiles, haybales and plenty of kids.

Morning times are for sitting around the fire boiling a billy tea and enjoying some johnny cakes that are soooooo yummy! Booking is not required but you must come early and wait in line to get a spot.

Some of the many animals that are at Little Roper Stockcamp

Thermal Pools 

Grab your pool noodle and head for the oasis. Try and picture water so clear you can see everything without goggles and water that is tepid enough to laze about and enjoy. The pools are large and are filled with lots of other travellers. If you want the Instagram photo you will need to get in early when no one wants to swim.

Thermal Pools

Mataranka Homestead

Staying at the homestead has its advantages and disadvantages.

The advantage is that it’s walking distance to the springs and to My Whippy’s whip-cracking show.  Although this makes for a VERY busy place and the live music band doesn’t finish till 10pm every night so if you are wanting a quiet night that may not be the case. But hey, that’s all part of the adventure!

Enjoy your stay at Mataranka and safe and happy travels

From Kylie and Dan