Our Time In Litchfield National Park

Litchfield National Park is a must-see if you’re in the Northern Territory. It’s home to several stunning waterfalls that cascade into crystal clear pools, thermal springs and a Lost City of weathered sandstone rocks.

Litchfield National Park can be done on day trips from Darwin and some travellers do this because of the lack of accommodation options in the National Park itself. There is also limited internet reception throughout.

We chose to park up at a low-cost home camp and drove to different locations each day. It was $20 a night for power and water which is an absolute bargain. This was on someone’s land and the sunset was stunning. This camp can be found on the Wiki camp app.

Florence Falls

Florence Falls is one of the most visited places in Litchfield. It is easy to get to and the view from the top is stunning. Although this does come with crowds, no matter what time of day it is the swimming hole at the bottom of the falls is always busy.

When you do finally find a spot to put your towel and you take the plunge into the very cold water, the swim to the bottom of the falls is easy. There is a small area where you can swim behind the gushing falls and hear the water roar. The kids love having the waterfall pound down on their heads.

Florence Falls from the lookout

Lost City

The Lost City is a collection of rock formations that have been left behind over time, these rocks are said to be over 500 million years old. The Lost City became famous with the old wagon road used by early pioneers passing through.

The Lost City is a 4wd drive track that takes some winding turns through bushland until you hit the city of tall weathered limestone rocks. Despite its name, this never was a Lost City of civilization. My imagination was running wild when I first heard about a Lost City in the middle of the Top End, so it was a bit of a downer to find this wasn’t actually a living quarter.


Some of the many land rocks in the Lost City

Berry Springs

Ready for a dip! Absolutely! You don’t want to miss Berry Springs for a tranquil, yet relaxing natural springs swim in the top end. Grab your pool noodle and float your way into the middle of the spring. Take in the flora and fauna that surrounds and if you float on your back you can hear the fish underneath you eating away at the rocks.

Berry Springs is excellent for the fact that you don’t come out smelling like chlorine or covered in sand plus they are free and not a croc in sight!

The best time to visit the springs is during the week.

Berry Springs at 10.00am weekday

Bluey Rockpools

Bluey Rockpools is a popular spot for families. With two locations for swimming and its easy access, lots of families make their way here.

Beware as this place gets busy! It took us 30 minutes just to find a car park and that was parking on the side of the road with our cruiser. If you cannot get in during the day, the sunset swims are always a winner in our books.

So to summarise, it is a big yes to exploring Litchfield National Park, even if it is just for one day. If you have any other must-see places to visit in Litchfield please share by commenting below. We would love to hear them.

Kylie and Dan

Fearless and Free Range