About us

We're passionate about delivering high quality, Australian made vans at an affordable price.


Essential Caravans, Built For Life

Essential Caravans were born and bred in country Victoria, and today are manufactured in a large state of the art production facility in Somerton, Melbourne. Employing over 150 people, we produce Australian built caravans and support Australian workers and the Australian economy.

Backed by an Australia-wide and experienced dealership network, we provide the back up and support that you deserve. The original philosophies are still behind what we do today: to build a well finished quality product at an affordable price.

All the while continually breaking the mould and being an industry leader.


Essential History

Essential Caravans didn't appear by chance, but is the coming together of industry experts and the culmination of over 35 years of industry experience. Our expert team has extensive experience and knowledge in all facets of the industry, from caravan manufacturing, dealership management, sales, warranty and customer back up and after service that is second to none.

From not so humble beginnings in 2015, when the first 21' Essential Family van rolled out the factory door, there are now well over 6000 Essential Caravans on the road. Over the years, Essential Caravans have grown into a household name, and are an industry leader. Our original philosophies of building the best value for money caravan and a high quality Aussie made product are still our calling and adhered to every day.

Australian made and owned

As Essential Caravans has grown stronger over the years and become a prominent industry leader, the need for ever bigger production facilities has seen Essential move into larger premises 4 times. Now based in Somerton Melbourne, more than 6000 caravans have been manufactured by Essential.

Essential caravans are fully designed and built in Australia, and is an Australian-owned family company. Our caravans are made by caravanners.

Along with our contribution to Australian jobs and the Australian economy, we remain committed to building quality products in Australia, for the Australian market.

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