Exploring Rockhampton and Yeppoon Queensland

Making our way down the coast of QLD is an unknown territory for us. Which makes it really exciting!!! On our adventures we always meet new people, catch up with travelling families and enjoy brand new experiences! Even if it is the most boring town to some, it’s the most interesting town to us!!! That’s the beauty of travelling. Everyday we experience something new and exciting. Which is exactly what happened in both Yeppoon and Rockhampton!!!!


Accommodation In Yeppoon

We decided to stay 10 kilometres south of Yeppoon at Island View Caravan Park, the park has friendly staff, is clean and organised. We managed to snag the PERFECT spot for our family, number 74. The only site next to the pool, playground and upstairs eating area. We really enjoyed this caravan park and will certainly give a 5/5!!!

Yeppoon Lagoon

Another day another lagoon….This lagoon is large with an awesome free infinity pool overlooking the ocean. It really is an unforgettable lagoon and there isn’t one that tops Yeppoon’s famous infinity pool. The lagoon has lifeguards, change rooms and a cafe with the best burgers. Right next to the lagoon is a large skatepark, playground and waterpark! It was a winner in our books not just for the kids but for the whole family.

Yeppoon Lagoon

Emu Park

Emu Park is a 15 kilometre drive south of Yeppoon and has a beautiful Anzac Memorial area with some amazing art. Alongside this, there is an enormous playground and a singing ship along the foreshore. Right the way along the coast there is lots of information about Captain Cook and other sailors, it made for a real history lesson. There is a lot to see and explore here so make a day of it and try to see everything.

Wreck Point Lookout- Cooee Bay

Double Head Walk Lookout

The reason why this is called double head lookout because it has two stunning lookouts. The only thing stopping the panoramic views are the trees. The walk is not far and is pathed with steps all the way up. We went off the beaten track for a bit to the cliffs edge and watched schools of fish being chased by dolphins. The water is bright blue on a sunny day which makes for an amazing sight. Highly recommend this walk.

Double Head views south facing


Rockhampton Zoo

We had heard so many great things about the Rockhampton Zoo from other travellers that we were excited to be finally here and seeing the zoo for ourselves. It had been years since any of us had been to a zoo and our youngest Cayden has not been to one EVER. So this was his first time! The entry is free and has a wide variety of animals. We were lucky to see the baby chimp that had just been born a few days earlier and oh boy was she cute. We also watched as the python slowly ate the rabbit, that was an eye opener!

Rockhampton Botanical Gardens

Right next to the zoo are the botanical gardens. You can walk around the gardens or drive around. We took the car as it was a really hot day and it was a lovely but quick drive. On the weekends they have a small train that also takes you through the gardens. The gardens are split up in sections, including Japanese gardens, Chinese gardens and the Australian native gardens. All of it together is beautiful and very well maintained.

Accommodation In Rockhampton

We stumbled across an absolute gem of a place called Junabel Miniatures. This is a farm stay run by Ange and Mich. The hosts are amazing and have a deep love for each and every one of their animals. They shared their love of animals with our children by teaching them how to milk a goat, collect the chicken eggs and take care of the miniature horses. Our children absolutely loved it here and we enjoyed sitting back at happy hour time and getting to know more about the farms history.

Both Yeppoon and Rockhampton are wonderful places to stay. If you have any other points of interests please leave them in the comments box below. This will help the travelling community. Thank you

Kylie and Dan

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