Meet Fearless and Free Range

We are Fearless and Free Range- Daniel, Kylie, our three children Jordan, Amity and Cayden. We are fun, slightly crazy, up for just about anything and seeking adventure ALL THE TIME!!!! Follow our journey as we transition from suburban living to full time travelling around Australia.

Our story starts with selling everything we own- yep we sold everything and kept only the memorabilia and sentimental items, everything else is gone!!! The big question was do we sell or rent our house. We decided to rent, we have amazing tenants in our house and we are happy with the choice of renting it out. Then to the children’s education- we chose to home-school, the children are registered in Perth but as we leave Western Australia we will have to look at other options as WA does not do interstate home schooling.

We left Perth during July 2019 with our 100 series Toyota Landcruiser towing our 22 foot West Coast Cruiser Essential Van, which was packed with all our essentials ready to live fulltime on the road. We left with no destinations mapped out, all we knew was that we were heading North and chasing the warmth and that is what happened. Stay tuned for our next blog about the rad adventures our first week on the road was like!!!!

Living Fearlessly Kylie and Dan

Fearless and Free Range