A selection of our latest styles and designs


C Class Touring Hero

The Essential C-Class range of caravans is designed to provide even further luxury on our already exciting range of industry leading caravans.

Taking luxurious caravanning to the next level the C-Class range is exclusively draftsman designed where the focus is on utilising maximum storage with ease of use drawers and large cupboards throughout whilst creating a beautifully styled and appointed caravan.

The tasteful use of LED mood lighting throughout the caravan combined with the all new colour range all set the scene the moment you enter the interior of the Essential C-Class range.



Essential Cruiser Caravans are built utilising over 35 years of experience and design techniques, all rolled into one exceptional caravan. Superb finishes, top of the range appliances and a feeling of stylish elegance doesn’t have to cost the world. Backed by after Sales Service that is second to none, an Essential Caravan will not disappoint even the most discerning of a buyer.


Essential Cruiser Family Series Caravan

Essential Cruiser Family Vans are designed and built by families for families. Available with separate shower and toilet or without. There is sure to be an Essential Family that's built just for your family. Family holidays will never be more rewarding than travelling together in an Essential Family Caravan.



When it comes to creating treasured memories with your family that will last a lifetime, the Essential V Plus is the perfect caravan. Stylish, affordable and packed full of family-friendly features. The Essential V-Plus is the perfect caravan for you and your family to escape. Purpose built for the modern family wanting freedom of choice and the ability to take off at a moments notice, the V-Plus is sure to please. Live the dream today in an Essential V-Plus Family Van.


Outlander cover image sml

Designed for comfort, control and durability on bitumen and graded dirt roads the all new Outlander is sure to please… The Essential Outlander Caravan is designed for the travelles wanting to get away without going all the way. Experience tells us that not all travellers want to stay exclusively on the ‘bitumen’, some want the ability to travel and explore down the odd dirt track or two. If this sounds like you then this could be your caravan. Even suitable for use on light corrugated roads for short distances the all new Essential Outlander is what we like to call our “Semi Off Road’ Caravan. Inspect one today and you’ll soon be getting away…



Essential Highlander Off Road Caravan, because a tough-as caravan should still look damn good. Sitting on a solid 6 inch Aussie built chassis and riding on the ALPHA 'EXTREME DUTY' independent suspension, which was specifically engineered in Australia for Australian Conditions we think we’ve got your off-road adventure pretty much covered.