Cruiser Range

Cruiser Touring

Over 35 years of experience and design techniques, all rolled into one exceptional caravan.

Superb finishes, top of the range appliances and a feeling of stylish elegance doesn’t have to cost the world.

Backed by after Sales Service that is second to none, an Essential Caravan will not disappoint even the most discerning buyer.

Cruiser Family

Essential Cruiser Family Vans are designed and built by families for families.

Stylish, affordable and packed full of family-friendly features. There is sure to be an Essential ‘family’ design that’s just right for your family.

Family holidays will never be more rewarding than travelling together in an Essential Family Caravan.

Value for Money

Essential Caravans now more than ever understand the importance of satisfying customer’s needs, our features are plentiful and our price is always affordable, combine this with a luxury caravan and the formula is a winning one in anyone’s language.

Design & Creation

Essential Caravans have embarked on a journey of designing, creating and building the best caravans in their class. Beautiful designs, fabulous and contemporary layouts. Only the best will find their way onto our production schedule.

Our Promise to You

Breaking the mould of traditional manufacturer based thinking, the thinking behind Essential Caravans comes from a dealer background, a customer service background, a listening and taking the time to learn from the customers instead of telling them background.

Essential Manufacturing

(Share some details around the design and manufacturing process.)

  • Brilliant build quality and superb finishes
  • Large range of custom layouts available
  • Unbeatable value for money

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