Sinkholes and Dormant Volcanoes Mount Gambier

We have officially crossed the border into South Australia!

Did you we were here just over a year ago when COVID first hit and we left for Victoria to stay with family during the lockdown. So we are beyond excited to be back here and ready to explore all the places we missed out on seeing last time.


There are plenty of caravan parks in Mount Gambier to choose from. We chose Kalgani Holiday Park, it was the cheapest and it didn’t disappoint. The park was quiet, clean and had a great playground for the kids with a swimming pool for them to have a dip.

Cave Gardens

Mount Gambier is well known for its gorgeous sinkholes that are filled with plants and flowers. The great thing is that you don’t have to drive for kilometres to see them. The city is built around these sinkholes and caves. Cave Gardens is an easy walk into the centre where you can admire its beauty from the lookout. During the winter there is a lovely waterfall that cascades into the centre of the cave.

Cave Gardens

Umpherston Sinkhole

The beauty that lies in this three-story sinkhole left us in aww. The bright colours of the flora and fauna all mixed and growing together is something that can only be appreciated while standing inside. Now don’t forget to look up and see the honeycomb dangling from the rocks, it made me want to break off a piece and enjoy. Thank you Mount Gambier for keeping this free for everyone to admire.


Umpherston Sinkhole

Mount Schank

We found ourselves standing on the rim of a dormant volcano during our visit which seems to be the norm when visiting Mount Gambier. We thought it was a really cool experience and we were able to teach the kids a lot about volcanoes on the walk to the top. The walk is relatively easy, it is a steep incline but no stairs and is just a long flat ramp.

Mount Schank- Can you see us?



Blue Lake

Another mesmerizing attraction is the Blue Lake, which is located only a few kilometres from the city. When the sun shines on the water the reflection is a bright blue colour so the best time to see the bright blue water is during summertime. This is also when the lake has the most calcite crystals form and sit on the bottom of the lake enhancing the blue colour. We were here on a very cloudy day so the vibrancy of the water wasn’t so bright but was still amazing to see.

Blue Lake

We loved our stay here in Mount Gambier and we saw so much without paying an absolute fortune for it. If you have any other attractions to add to the list please comment below.

Kylie and Dan from Fearless and Free Range

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