Make Cairns Your Next Holiday Destination


Cairns, Cairns, Cairns

We have now been on the road travelling full time with our family for 16 months and it’s been truly amazing. We love the lifestyle and we have no regrets. Whether you are travelling to Cairns for a holiday or you are a full time caravanner, Cairns is the perfect holiday destination for families, couples and backpackers. We stayed in Cairns twice and both times we have had a great experience. There is plenty to do and plenty to see.

Our longest stay was coming from Port Douglas and we stayed at the famous Cairns Coconut Resort. This caravan park is amazing. It has everything you would want when on holidays. This place is a kids paradise with the slides, waterpark, outdoor movie, lagoons, tennis courts, bike tracks and each day the park has a special event. We loved the free Tuesday Pancake Day! Yum!

From here we explored in and around the area. Here is a list of places we went to.

Foreshore Lagoon

Cairns offers a great foreshore lagoon to cool off in, in the hot weather. Due to the stingers in the ocean and the possible crocodile swim by, the lagoon provides an alternative option for travellers and locals to cool off in. The lagoon has a lifeguard on duty seven days a week. There is plenty of grass and a great cafe to grab a coffee just across the road. Don’t forget to buy a parking ticket upon arrival. We did not see any signs and copped a $75 fine!!!!

Josephine Falls

Josephine Falls is a picturesque waterfall and swimming hole with natural water slides, located in the Wooroonooran National Park. From the car park the 1.2 kilometre return track leads you through lush tropical rainforests to viewing decks  overlooking Josephine Creek and falls. We highly recommend the walk and the swim…..the water may be a little cool but well worth the dip.

Crystal Cascades

This is a popular spot for locals and tourists travelling through the Cairns region. It is well known waterfall location and offers picnic BBQ’S and tables. We enjoyed our stay here and will be making a return visit here.

The Great Barrier Reef Tour

When in Rome….. The Great Barrier Reef is one of the seven wonders of the world. We decided we could NOT visit Cairns without visiting The Great Barrier Reef. Now keep in mind this will set you out of pocket a small fortune but the return is well worth your fortune. Our whole family took a tour and we thoroughly enjoyed it. All kids enjoyed the glass bottom boat and we enjoyed taking turns of snorkelling through the reef.

We spent a few weeks here in Cairns, but our feet began to itch and we knew it was time to move on. We can’t usually spend more than 2 weeks in one spot before we have the urge to want to keep exploring. So off we went and south we were headed.

Stay tunes for our journey through the south of Queensland and all the wonders we find.

Kylie and Dan

Travelling Australia