Everything In Eden Is Worth Exploring

We were excited to pack up and head across the border to New South Wales. This was all uncharted territory for us so we were very excited to cross. We were also loving how the weather was getting warmer as we were slowly heading North. We appreciated increase in temperature even if it was only 2 degrees. We had done our time in Victorian winter and were keen on some sun and sand.

We had pre-booked a caravan park on the beach in a small town called Boydtown. The caravan park wasn’t too much to look at but was great for us. We were able to have a campfire next to our van, we had ocean views which meant we went to sleep listening to the waves crash over the shore and the vans were spaced out enough that we didn’t wake up looking at the neighbour! It was pretty perfect.

Everyday we took a drive into the town of Eden which was only a short 10 kilometre drive. It was nice to be able to give back to a town who had been some tough times like the most recent bushfires.


There is always something to do when you have a fishing rod! There are also plenty of places to fish in Eden too. The wharf being a popular choice to cast a line. I love all wharf’s, the smell of fresh fish when walking along the wharf, the sun is shining on your back and the water is calm and glistens like diamonds in the water. It really was just so relaxing to sit and be present.

Along the wharf the water is very clear, you can see the fish swimming around down below. We tried to cheat fish and drop a hand line in the school of fish but the fish were too smart for this. The kids had fun being able to see the fish though!

To top off a relaxing morning is the great cafe just up the top of the wharf. The cafe is walking distance and serve a great coffee. The staff are friendly and the cafe has a really cool fishing vibe when you walk in.

The Bakery

Who loves a good bakery? We do! Nothing beats the perfect crust of a sausage roll or party pie. This bakery has some amazing variations and flavours of pies. I had a cauliflower and cheese pastie….it was the best pastie I have had so far in Australia. The kids polished 2 large sausage rolls each. Dan and I honestly don’t know where they put it.


When we visit a lighthouse I always reminisce the times when I was younger and watching the TV show ‘around the twist’ the song pops into my head. Heading to this lighthouse was a little different, we seen our first wombat here. He was just slowly eating and was fine with a ‘wombat selfie’ and a little pat. I think he is one of the local residents of the lighthouse.

Whale Museum

Here in Eden there is a lot of history about the whale hunting. It is really interesting. The museum is well layed out and has a lot of information and artifacts that were once used. The kids enjoyed looking at the old boats and spears used many years ago. We spent a good hour and a half poking around and reading up on what once was.

Whale Lookout and Whaling Station

After visiting the museum we recommend taking the drive to whale lookout. It isn’t far and has panoramic views of the ocean and coast. Plus there is the whale lookout that was used many years ago. You can walk inside and even touch the walls if you like. It really does finish off a good museum tour!

Green Cape

Green Cape is 30kms from Boydtown is and I highly recommend going here. We have a 100 series landcruiser and none of the roads require a 4wd. We went for a drive to explore and to see what we could find. Take the drive! You will not regret it. We used the wikicamps app to find these destinations. It helps a lot

Along the cape are some beautiful coastal walks. We stumbled across a great fishing spot which is protected from the wind. It is perfect for fishing. We had a seal swim by and say hi plus we had a whale splash about out at sea. This was a day of firsts for all of us.

From Dan and Kylie

Fearless and Free Range

Fearlessly living and exploring x