Climbing Mount Kosciuszko- Anyone Can Achieve It

Mount Kosciuszko was high on our list of places to go and conquer. So as we travelled further towards the highest mountain in Australia I began to prepare for the walk with a bit of research about the trail itself and the weather.

We stayed in Jindabyne Caravan Park and it was stunning. The park is situated on a lake and we woke up with lakeside views every day. We even went swimming in there, and yes it was freezing cold. But hey- you only live once right!

We visited in March and the weather was cold at night but sunny during the day. We really wanted to complete the climb before the snow arrived in Thredbo and that is what we did.

Mount Kosciuszko is located in the town of Thredbo in the Kosciuszko National Park, it soars a massive 2,228 metres high into the sky. During the winter months, Thredbo is a bustling snow region that attracts tourists from all over the Nation and all over the world.

Costs To Walk The Summit

Unfortunately, the cost to walk Mount Kosciuszko is not free but it’s not too expensive either. If you are choosing to take the chairlift then this will cost you $45 per adult and $10 per child. You will also need to pay for the National Park entry which is $17 per day (off-peak Nov-May) and $29 per day (peak June-October)

What To Take

Before taking on the walk there are a few things to consider and check. This ensures you are safe and well prepared.

  • Check the weather and dress accordingly, the staff at the chair lift counter will also let you know if you should be aware of any weather changes during the day.
  • Ensure you have enough water and some snacks. There are no water stations or shops on the walk. It really is just you and the environment.
  • I never leave home without a camera and I would suggest you take yours. There are plenty of photo opportunities on the way and people are always willing to take a photograph for you.
  • I would suggest wearing some comfortable walking shoes or runners. Plus wearing some light comfortable clothes and if there is a possibility of rain then taking a lightweight poncho or raincoat.

How Long Is The Walk

The length of the walk is a 13-kilometre loop and took my daughter and me 3 1/2 hours to complete. This included a stop for lunch and some other stops for photos. The walk can be done at your own leisure. Which is the beauty of it, it’s not a race but a majestic walk to the top of Australia’s highest mountain.

Other Things To Remember

The footpath is pathed 95% of the way, it is an off the ground grid walkway to prevent the flora and fauna from being walked on. It is encouraged that you stay on the footpath. Towards the peak of the mountain is a gravel track with about 10-15 stairs, this is the only area that is not pathed.

There are one set of bush toilets at the 4-kilometre mark at Rawsons Pass, these are usually closed during the winter months so be prepared for a possible long wait for a toilet break.

We really enjoyed our walk and we took way too much stuff. I packed too much water and too much food which made the backpack heavy. In hindsight, 1 litre would be sufficient and 1 piece of fruit or a salad wrap.

Leave a comment below if you are planning to walk the mountain or share some feedback of your own experience in the comments below.

Safe Travels

Kylie and Dan