The ‘All New’ Essential C-Class range of caravans is designed to provide even further luxury on our already exciting range of industry leading caravans.

Taking luxurious caravanning to the next level the C-Class range is exclusively draftsman designed where the focus is on utilising maximum storage with ease of use drawers and large cupboards throughout whilst creating a beautifully styled and appointed caravan.

The tasteful use of LED mood lighting throughout the caravan combined with the all new 2020 colour range all set the scene the moment you enter the interior of the Essential C-Class range.

The exteriors smooth lines and all new modern shape further enhance the overall experience.

Discover the timeless elegance of the ‘All New’ Essential C-Class range of caravans for yourself today

Value for Money

Essential Caravans now more than
ever understand the importance
of satisfying customer’s needs,
our features are plentiful and our
price is always affordable, combine
this with a luxury caravan and
the formula is a winning one in
anyone’s language.

Design & Creation

Essential Caravans have embarked
on a journey of designing, creating
and building the best caravans
in their class. Beautiful designs,
fabulous and contemporary layouts.
Only the best will find their way
onto our production schedule.

Our Promise to You

Breaking the mould of traditional
manufacturer based thinking, the
thinking behind Essential Caravans
comes from a dealer background, a
customer service background,
a listening and taking the time to
learn from the customers instead
of telling them background.

C-Class Touring

Introducing the All New Essential C-Class ‘Touring’ Including all the features and benefits you would expect from an Essential Caravan but with even more elegance and style rolled
into the complete package.

Contemporary designs and layouts, modern appliances and creature comforts.

“This new C-Class range feels and looks amazing”

Inspect today and see for yourself why the All New ‘C Class’ Touring is setting new standards in the Australian Caravan market.

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C-Class Family

Essential C-Class Family setting new standards for Australian Family touring.

Available in Touring, Semi Off Road and Off Models, the All New Essential C-Class Family caravan series will make your family feel right at home wherever your journey takes you.

Compare the features, compare the price, compare quality and we think you will agree the C-Class range of Family Caravans ticks all the boxes when you decide to start exploring with your family.

Inspect today and see for yourself why the All New ‘C Class’ Family is setting new standards in caravanning.

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C-Class Semi

Designed for Comfort, Control and Durability on bitumen and graded dirt roads, the All New Essential C-Class ‘Semi’ is sure to inspire.

Essential C-Class ‘Semi’ range of caravans are designed to offer increased freedom and flexibility from the standard ‘Touring’ Model. Experience tells us that not all travellers are looking to stick exclusively to the ‘black top’.

The All New C-Class ‘Semi’ will allow the freedom to explore with increased clearance, extra battery power and independent suspension all rolled into this stylish semi off road caravan.

Inspect today and see for yourself why the All New ‘C Class’ Semi is setting new standards in caravanning.

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C-Class Off Road

Introducing the ‘All New’ C-Class Off Road caravan series.

Built tough and strong to take the hits, the C-Class ‘Off Road’ will impress.

Boasting 340Watts of solar, digital Battery Management System, nearly 300 litres of fresh water*, serious under floor protection and coming in thousands ($$$) under its nearest rivals if your fair dinkum about purchasing an ‘Off Road’ caravan this caravan must be on your radar.

“Serious Off Road caravan travellers need to be putting this van on their wish list”

Inspect today and see for yourself why the All New ‘ C-Class’ Off Road is setting new standards in the Australian Caravan market.

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Hello and Welcome to Essential, my name is David Wilson and I am very proud to introduce our all new range of Essential Caravans. I can honestly say the entire range offers unheard of value for money and includes fixtures and fittings of the absolute highest standard. Standards you might normally expect to find in
a caravan priced many thousands more.

Essential is a culmination of over 35 years’ experience in the caravan industry.

Together with my experienced team of managers, builders, planner’s and industry experts, I truly believe we are breaking the mould of what you would expect in a caravan in this price bracket.

At Essential Caravans we offer customer-based manufacturing and after sales service that only those with a Dealer background could understand and appreciate.

Far from a newcomer to the industry, I first started out as a caravan Service Manager some 22 years ago and learnt from the ground up what works and what doesn’t work in a caravan. I also learnt the fact that customers want to be informed and included during the process, a lesson that is still adhered to today by all of my staff.

I then moved to Sales for several years and eventually became General Manager of a very large and successful caravan dealership.

On a personal level I am now fulfilling my life-long dream of building high quality vans at an affordable price. As a result, in a few short years, we have now grown to become one of the leading manufacturers in the country, which is something I’m very proud of and is a testament to our staff, sales teams and dealer network.

Designed with the most functional, attractive and comfortable layouts in mind, I’m sure you will enjoy many years of hassle-free caravanning across our beautiful country in your very own Essential Caravan.

~ David Wilson, Founder & Director