10 Low Cost Camps Along The WA Coast

There are three large expenses that will take up a majority of your weekly budget:




These three expenditures are the non negotiables. We all have to eat, drive and often enough most places charge for accommodation. But there are ways in which you can reduce the costs of accommodation by choosing low cost camps or even free ones.

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#1. Freshwater Point South 


We managed to fit our 22-foot caravan in here nicely. For a free camp, this does deliver well on the scenic lookout. There is also a concrete pad to park your caravan and car on. This was our first night away and it was a beauty! You can find this location 77kms North of Jurien Bay off Indian Ocean Drive. Long drop toilets and limited Telstra reception are available. 

#2. Coronation Beach Geraldton

COST- $10 per adult, children FREE

This is another great campground along Western Australia’s coast. This is a campground along the beach which we really liked and would most definitely return to. There are plenty of level gravel areas to park and the campground is surrounded by high rocks so to enter you will go down a steep hill. This camp spot is 25km North of Geraldton and offers Telstra reception, bins, a basic children’s playground, dump-point, BBQ’s and toilets. 

#3. Sandy Cape Rec Park- Dandaragan

COST- $10 Per Adult, $3 Per Child

This is a must stay place, Sandy Cape Rec Park is situated 230 kilometres North of Perth, the campground is located just behind the sand dunes which blocks the strong winds from the ocean. This is a great place to stay as there is so much exploring to do in and around the area. You can take a walk up to the tip and watch the sunset, which I highly recommend. 

The campsite offers toilets, showers, dump point, Telstra and bins. 

#4. Cliff Head North Campground Dongara


If you are looking to throw a line and catch your dinner then Cliff Head if the place to go! Sunsets, camp fires and toasting marshmallows is always a winner in our books. The best thing is that this campground is FREE!!! The campground offers toilets, telstra and other mobile reception, TV reception, bins. There is a 72 hour maximum for stay. 

#5. Goulet Bluff – Shark Bay

COST- $15 PER NIGHT. Ring the shire beforehand. 

Driving our rig onto the beach is not always an option for us as we have a touring van, so we never want to risk being bogged in the sand. But luckily enough you can still have the beach experience in Western Australia. In Shark Bay, the beaches are made from tiny shells which allow you to be able to drive your van onto the beach and enjoy a real beach camp experience. 

The campground doesn’t offer much and you must be fully self-contained. 

#6. Eagle Bluff- Shark Bay

COST- $15 PER NIGHT. Ring the shire beforehand.

If you don’t feel comfortable driving onto the beach, then this little inlet is another great campsite in Shark Bay. Our kids loved swimming in the water till night time and getting straight back in there as morning broke. The campground doesn’t offer anything but pure serenity and the sounds of birds. 

#7. Murchison River House Station- Kalbarri

COST- $12.50 per adult. $5.00 per child (6-16)

We really loved Murchison River House, it really did have it all. There is a river that runs along the back of the station and if you look hard enough you can find a really cool tyre swing for kids (or adults). At night we all sat around the communal fire and met lots of other travellers. The station offers, toilets, showers, water, BBQ’s and Telstra reception. There is also a camp kitchen available. 

#8. Warroora Station- Lyndon


14 mile beach is a lovely beach with great fishing and snorkelling. Pelican Point is the place to snorkel, we seen turtles and loads of fish as the water is quiet shallow here. This campsite offers non drinking water, on/off Telstra reception. The location is 15km South of Coral Bay. 

#9. Gladstone Jetty Camp Site Canarvan


A campsite with extras. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Gladstone. We walked along the rock jetty and when the tide was in we went fishing at the end. While you are there do not miss out on the artesian showers, outside showers heated up by the sun. In the evenings ‘happy hour’ happens under the gazebo and you get to meet some fellow travellers. This campsite provides toilets, showers, non drinking water, barbies, tables, dump spot, bins, camp kitchen, Telstra reception, boat ramp and more. 

#10. North Kurrajong Campground- Exmouth

COST- $11 per adult (plus National Park entry)

Entering the Cape Range of the Ningaloo Reef is always a beautiful location. We spent 4 days here and would highly recommend, the snorkelling along the reef is amazing and those Exmouth sunsets are just divine. This place must be booked in advance as it is very popular. This campsite offers bins, toilets and tables. 

So they are our top ten camp sites from Perth to Exmouth, if you have any more we would love to hear them by dropping a comment below or contacting Fearless and Free Range- Family Travel Facebook page.


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